Introduction to Voice Dialogue

We all have many inner voices: Some come as an Inner Critic attack and some happen to contradict each other. Transformation is possible if we learn to manage them by listening to what their messages are.

Voice Dialogue programs are intensely exciting trainings that provide unparalleled opportunities for intensive learning and real growth – a time to explore one’s inner world as well as to learn the Voice Dialogue process. Once you listen to and embrace your inner voices, you strengthen your presence from inside out as a whole human being.

The intensity of the Voice Dialogue programs are mirrored by its number of trainers. There will be at least 1 trainer on every 4 participants. This way of working gives abundant opportunity for personal work and in-depth coaching. It also guarantees that each participant can work on his or her level. Therefore, the program welcomes professional coaches, therapists, trainers, consultants, actors, managers, leaders and anyone willing to better manage themselves.

In this 2,5 days workshop the following items are addressed:

  • Theory of the Psychology of Selves
  • Theory on the Voice Dialogue method
  • Experiencing Voice Dialogue in the form of  one-to-one sessions
  • Transformational Psychology and the “Aware Ego”
  • Working with the Inner Critic and the Inner Judge
  • Use of Body and Energetics
  • The fundamentals of Voice Dialogue facilitation
  • Recognizing and working with polarities
  • Working with dreams: the Unconscious as an ally
  • Journal writing

Dates and Time

This 2,5 days workshop will be held on  4 – 6 December 2014 starting at 17.00 on the Wednesday evening until 20:00. Next two days will run from 9:30 until 19:00 in Serendipity Coaching offices in Istanbul, Turkey.


Training will be held in English.


ICF CCE unit application will be made.

Fees and Registration

Early bird rate of 550$ is available until 20 September 2014.

For registrations after this date, the program fee is 650$. Registration is finalized once a down payment of 20% of the program fee is made. Please contact or call Ozlem Sarioglu from +90 212 265 3105.

The fee does not include Turkish VAT (18%).



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